Urban direct drinking water opens a new direction of urban drinking water in China
Date: 2013-11-28 16:47:30

Recently, the "Eighth China Urban Water Development International Symposium and New Technology Equipment Expo" sponsored by the China Urban Science Research Association, China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association, Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and Changsha Municipal People's Government was held in Changsha, Hunan as scheduled Held, experts from different regions of the world gathered to conduct industry discussions around the theme of "controlling water pollution, ensuring water safety, and restoring water ecology"; more than 100 companies in the water industry participated in exhibitions to promote corporate brands and seek cooperation opportunities. During the exhibition, Water World-China Town Water Network interviewed Mr. Yi Xianzao, chairman of Changsha Water Cup Direct Drinking Water Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.


Water World-China Town Water Network: Mr. Yi, hello. Thank you for accepting the interview with Water World-China Town Water Network. In this exhibition, Changsha Water Cup Direct Drinking Water Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly promotes the concept of "city direct drinking water". Could you please give us a specific introduction?

Yi Xianzao: The direct drinking water of urban pipelines refers to the establishment of a pipe network system at the same time as the supply of tap water, which treats part of the tap water into high-quality water and transports it to households with special food grade pipes. The reason why the water cup company has been engaged in the research of urban direct drinking water for many years is because we think this is a development direction of urban drinking water in China. At present, China has entered a period of rapid urbanization, and people's living standards have gradually improved, placing higher demands on drinking water quality.

"People take food as the first and food first." The Chinese government is very concerned about the safety of drinking water. In July last year, China implemented the "new national standard" for drinking water, and the water quality index increased from 35 to 106, which is in line with the world. However, the current status of urban water supply in China is far from the requirements of the "new national standard". First, due to the traditional process used in China, it is difficult to treat water to this standard; second, the quality of our source water is relatively poor; third, China ’s pipe network system cannot meet the water supply conditions, even if clean water enters the pipe After the network system, it will also be subject to secondary pollution of the pipe network. Finally, some small and medium-sized cities fail to reach the corresponding detection level. As far as Hunan Province is concerned, there are very few cities that can reach 106 test indicators. Obviously, the test level is not up to the standard. How can people ensure that the water quality is up to the standard!

So, there are so many problems in urban water supply, how should we improve it? First of all, I think that if the water treatment process is to be reformed, the pipe network will be transformed, so that the investment will be huge. Secondly, assuming that all urban water is now treated to meet the standard, except for production and living, only a small part is used for drinking, so it will cause great waste. This contradiction arises. Therefore, based on such a contradictory situation, the water cup company has carried out the development of urban drinking water.

Water World-China Urban Water Network: If another pipe network system is established, will it also be a project with a lot of investment, resulting in a waste of resources and inconvenience to the lives of ordinary people?

Yi Xianzao: No. Under normal circumstances, the direct drinking water of the pipeline is constructed by zoning and slicing, and the urban pipe network is not large. It is mainly applicable to communities, units, factories, schools, hotels, etc. At the same time as the supply of tap water, a small set of pipe network will be built for the supply of direct drinking water, so as to achieve the quality of water supply and achieve "high quality and high use, low quality and low use." I think this method is in line with China National conditions.

Water World-China Town Water Network: Is the direct drinking water supplied by the Water Cup Company tested? How do ordinary people come to believe that water is safe?

Yi Xianzao: The direct drinking water supply should regularly publish the test results: First, the water cup company will test the supplied direct drinking water according to the Ministry of Construction's "Water Quality Standards for Drinking Purified Water" (CJ94-2005), which is higher than the daily drinking water implemented last year. The "new national standard" is even higher. The direct drinking water test is carried out by the CDC, and the CDC will publish the test results. In addition, the water cup company has its own test tool, which can be tested on the spot; online monitoring and Combining water quality testing, self-inspection and professional testing to ensure the safety and health of direct drinking water, so as to ensure that the direct drinking water we supply meets hygienic standards.

Water World-China Town Water Network: What technologies and processes does your company mainly use in direct drinking water projects, please tell us about it?

Yi Xianzao: There are four main technical points in our urban direct drinking water: First, the water cup direct drinking water system adopts a deep purification process of nanofiltration membrane. The pore size of the membrane is extremely small, which can effectively remove harmful organics, inorganics, Heavy metal ions, radioactive particles and various germs, viruses, etc., retain some trace elements that are beneficial to the human body; second, pH weak alkali adjustment technology, that is, the pH of direct drinking water is adjusted to reach the World Health Organization (pH = 7-9 ) Healthy drinking water standards; third, the combined ozone and ultraviolet sterilization technology does not produce sterilization by-products; fourth, we use food-grade pipeline circulation to achieve remote measurement, remote monitoring and full automation.

Water World-China Urban Water Network: In the promotion of direct drinking water in the city, what difficulties did the water cup company encounter? Because the price of direct drinking water is higher than the price of tap water, how can this be accepted by the public?

Yi Xianzao: The main problem encountered during the promotion process was the change of concept. Here I will introduce the difference between ordinary tap water and direct drinking water. Urban water supply accounts for only 10% of domestic water use, and household water uses only 10% of drinking water. It is not difficult to see that people drink only a very small part of urban water supply. Although the price of direct drinking water is high, it is only a small part. In addition, direct drinking water is much cheaper than bottled water. Our direct drinking water cost is 1/5 of the cost of bottled water, so ordinary working-class families only need to pay 300-500 yuan per year to drink reassuring water.

Water World-China Town Water Network: We see that your company's main promotion at this water conference is about "direct drinking water in cities". From the initial idea of the company to the current vigorous implementation, what kind of process has it gone through?

Yi Xianzao: There are almost six or seven years in the middle. We are mainly engaged in research and development in this area, and have obtained a number of patents, including the production and supply technology of direct drinking water in cities, and the supply of pipeline mineral water. Technology and so on. At present, mineral water is mainly supplied in the form of bottled water. Many cities have deep well water nearby, which can reach a certain standard of mineral water, but how to transport these water through pipes for people to drink is a new topic. We Just did research in this area. The direct drinking water project of the Sino-Singapore Eco-City in Tianjin ’s Binhai New Area was implemented by us. By transporting deep well mineral water from an area 70 kilometers away, and then carrying out conditioning treatment in the eco-city, we supply high-quality mineral water to residents .

Water World-China Town Water Network: In some countries, direct drinking water is already common, but it is just beginning in China. What do you think is the biggest difficulty in developing direct drinking water? What do you think about the future development of direct drinking water in China?

Yi Xianzao: Now, the difficulty first comes from the change of concept. The people do n’t know much about drinking water directly. It takes a process to accept, so we need to increase our propaganda. In addition, our water supply department must also change its concept. Some department leaders also realize that it is very difficult to meet 106 water quality standards in some areas. If all of them reach this level, the investment will be huge. Furthermore, 95% of urban tap water is used for non-potable water. After all the quality is improved, the situation of "high quality and low use" will be formed, which will cause greater waste. Therefore, it is in line with China's national conditions to implement separate water supply and supply city tap water and direct drinking water at the same time. I believe that quality water supply will be widely used in the future.

Water World-China Urban Water Network: What are the future development plans for water cups?

Yi Xianzao: The water cup company focuses on the development of direct drinking water in cities, focusing on the development and implementation of direct drinking water in towns and integrated drinking water equipment. We will do a lot of work in this area in the future. I hope that people in the water industry will pay more attention to the quality of water supply. This is a very good development direction.

Water World-China Town Water Network: Okay, thank you very much for accepting our interview. I also hope that the water cup will promote the concept of direct drinking water in the city at this water conference.

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