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Changsha Water Cup Direct Drinking Water Company directly faces agents with factories, avoiding intermediate links and allowing franchisees to have huge profit margins. Relying on the technical support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology, and China Smart City Industry Alliance, the company adheres to independent innovation and independently develops the five major equipment system products of the Yihequan brand, forming a direct drinking water technology development, design, production, installation, construction, testing, service , Training and operation in one integrated system. Greatly broadened the business channels of agents, enriched the sources of profits of agents, so that agents can realize their dreams of wealth as soon as possible.

For agents selling large equipment or undertaking direct drinking water projects, Changsha Water Cup will send professional technical personnel to support; after the project is successful, the company is fully responsible for installation and commissioning, eliminating all worries of agents.

Investment target:

★ looking for new projects, companies or people who are interested in entrepreneurship development;

★ Small and medium-sized enterprises with experience in home machine marketing, aspiring companies to upgrade and develop;

★ Enterprises or groups with strong economic strength and good business reputation;

★ Enterprises or individuals with certain local contacts, especially government, education and real estate resources;

★ Enterprises or individuals who aspire to health and environmental protection.

Contact: Mr. Chen 13786165658 Ms. Liu 15084927905

Inquiry hotline: 0731-84161297

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