The company's after-sales service tenet:
Be meticulous in serving customers and pursue excellence without end.
The company's after-sales service commitment:
1. Free warranty during the warranty period;
2. Free training for equipment administrators;
3. Provide consumables and accessories at discounted prices;
4. 24/7 tracking and maintenance;
5. Provide long-term technical support;
6. Responsible for technological upgrades and updates;
7. Lifetime after-sales service.

Repair service response time:
1. Service response time: When there is a malfunction or abnormal water quality of the direct drinking water equipment in the pipeline, the company's service department needs to respond immediately and provide repair services on site in a timely manner.
2. Response time regulations:
2.1 Leakage: Make a decision to handle it within 1 hour;
2.2 In case of water quality doubt: report and emergency response within 2 hours;
2.3 Water outage due to malfunction: treatment should not exceed 8 hours;
2.4 Water purchase information shall not exceed 8 hours;
2.5 Other faults must be replied with a completion time on the same day.

Service outlets:
Community service hotline: Tan Gong: 15874167390
Campus Hexi Service Phone: Pan Gong: 15802688232
Campus Hedong Service Phone: Li Gong: 18473339330
Campus View City East Service Phone: Hu Gong: 15364166969
Campus West View Service Phone: Shen Gong: 13755072472
Service hotline: 0731-84161298

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To provide you with good water supply services, we will strictly comply with various laws and regulations to protect the personal information you provide.


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