Good news for winning the bidding-the project of purchasing direct drinking water for the students i
Date: 2015-11-26 16:50:06

Organized an open tender in the second bid section of the Shuyang County Compulsory Education Basic Balance County Student Direct Drinking Water Purchase and Installation Project (four times) of the Shuyang County Education Bureau. With good technical advantages and social reputation, it won the bid in a fierce competition. We will make persistent efforts to provide better services to more customers! The results of the bidding for this tender are announced as follows:

1. Project name and number Project name: Shuyang County Compulsory Education Basic Balance County Student Direct Drinking Water Purchasing and Installation Project (four times) Second Tender Section Project Number: 2015030 Second, the project brief description Detailed technical requirements are in the bidding documents. 3. Announcement media and date Shuyang County Public Resources Trading Network, announcement date: November 4, 2015-November 10, 2015 IV. Procurement Information (1) Bid Opening Date: 9:00, November 24, 2015 ( 2) Bid Opening Location: Shuyang County Public Resources Trading Center, 2nd Floor, Bid Opening 5. Room 5: Transaction Information: (1) Name of the successful bidder: Changsha Water Cup Direct Drinking Water Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. See Shuyang County Bidding and Bidding Management Center website

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