To carry forward the revolutionary will and become the pioneer of the Times —— Foshan China Waterwor
Date: 2020-11-17 17:14:47

Green Jinggang, red cradle, Revolutionary Holy Land, the heart yearns for. November 14-15, the staff of the Changsha Water Cup Direct Drinking Water Engineering Equipment Co. , Ltd. gathered in Jinggang Mountains, the Holy Land of revolution, launched A two-day "pass on the revolutionary will, strive to be the vanguard of the times, " The red theme of the extension activities.mmexport1605358928810.jpgOn the afternoon of the 14th, we visited the CIPING old residence, which contains the former residence of Mao Zedong, the headquarters of the fourth Red Army, the Ordnance Department and the officer's teaching office. To pay their respects at the revolutionary Revolutionary Martyrs'Cemetery in Jinggang Mountains, pay their respects at the revolutionary Revolutionary Martyrs'Cemetery, lay a wreath at the revolutionary martyrs and observe a three-minute silence in memory of the revolutionary martyrs. Later, they will visit the Jinggang Mountains Museum to learn more about the history of the Struggle in Jinggang Mountains, learn from the revolutionary spirit and great achievements of our forefathers.

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On the morning of the 15th, all staff dressed in Red Army uniforms, carry forward the situation of the Red Army, with full spirit, set off to find the Red Revolution marks of the expansion of the journey. The purpose of this extension activity is to strengthen team building, train and exercise the team spirit and cohesion of all staff, in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere to cultivate team tacit understanding, we all have the same thinking, unity of purpose, at the same time in the project experience how to face the victory or defeat, deeply understand and learn the Jinggang Mountains Spirit of "firm faith, hard struggle, dare to break new path, rely on the masses, have the courage to win" .微信图片_20201116085609.jpgmmexport1605415584293.jpg微信图片_20201116085823.jpg微信图片_20201116085640.jpg微信图片_20201116085555.jpg微信图片_20201116085537.jpgThrough this expansion, the staff will further understand the historic significance of Jinggang Mountains's Communist-controlled China in the victory of the Chinese revolution, learn to appreciate the fine revolutionary tradition of hard struggle developed by the old proletarian internationalism in the years of revolutionary war. We will further strengthen Eight Honors and Eight Shames education and the national spirit of our employees, and guide them to follow the example of heroes and role models, firm belief, strive to be a pioneer of the times with high moral character, tenacious will, pioneering and enterprising, hard study and pioneering work.

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