Replacement of filter material in direct drinking water machine room in spring of 2023 - make direct
Date: 2023-02-06 17:20:44

Before the Lantern Festival, in order to ensure the health and safety of direct drinking water in the community, and to enable the owners to drink qualified direct drinking water, so as to prevent the occurrence of water-borne diseases, the after-sales service personnel of Changsha Water Cup Direct Drinking Water of China Water Service carried out a comprehensive replacement, cleaning and disinfection of the direct drinking water filter material, ultraviolet light and other equipment in Changjun Community, Kangqiao, Changsha.


After the replacement, the water sample will be collected in front of the water dispenser and sent to the third-party authoritative water quality testing center for incoming inspection, and the water quality test report and the filter membrane replacement time will be published in time (the owner group and the bulletin board of the direct drinking water machine room) to ensure the clean and safe quality of the direct drinking water.

If you haven't seen the hard work of our after-sales service personnel in your community, please wait patiently. The company's after-sales team is trying to rush to your community~~~

At the same time, we will invite owners to supervise and manage our direct drinking water after-sales service. If you happen to encounter the hard work of our after-sales service personnel in the community, owners are welcome to take photos and share with the owners so that they can better supervise.

Bringing healthy, fresh and good water to the owners is the service tenet of our China Water Changsha Water Cup Direct Drinking Company. Let more of your neighbors drink healthy water at ease.

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