Congratulations to Zuo Kaiming, chief engineer of Changsha water cup direct drinking water engineeri
Date: 2020-04-28 17:00:30

图片1.pngCongratulations to Mr. Zuo Kaiming, chief engineer of Changsha water cup direct drinking water engineering equipment Co., Ltd., for winning the title of "water star of 2019" of China water group. Mr. Zuo Kaiming has been the chief engineer for more than 13 years and is the technical leader of the company. He has led the technical team of the company for many years, developed a number of series of products, overcome numerous technical difficulties, and have a high level of direct drinking water Professional and technical level and rich practical experience. The comrade worked conscientiously and made great contributions to the development of the company. All staff should take the advanced model as an example, stick to the original mission, bear in mind the responsibility, be brave in striving for excellence, be pragmatic and enterprising, innovate and develop, and make contributions to improving the drinking water environment and quality of the people.

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