The Fifth China water purification Brand Summit 2020 held successfully
Date: 2020-05-11 17:04:05

May 10 is the "Chinese brand day" approved by the State Council. Today, the online live broadcast of the Fifth China water purification Brand Summit 2020 with the theme of "creating a new consumption guide" was successfully held.

The event is sponsored by China business daily, CO organized by China business daily Research Institute, Beijing fanborui Consulting Co., Ltd., and environmental electrical equipment special committee of China Electronic Energy Saving Technology Association, and sponsored by Changsha water cup direct drinking water engineering equipment Co., Ltd.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chen Gaohong, vice president of China business daily, addressed the event. Many guests expressed their expectations and wishes for the industry through video. Bai Xuetao, doctor of medicine and doctoral director of Institute of environment and health related product safety of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, song Jingxue, director of Research Department of national household appliance industry information center, and Yi xianzao, founder of Changsha water cup direct drinking water engineering equipment Co., Ltd., made wonderful speeches on industry, market and technology.

Drinking water safety awareness reaches a new high, purified water market is expected to usher in the "second spring"

The epidemic has swept the world. While we are doing a good job in protecting and fighting the epidemic, we should not ignore the risk of drinking water. Because pollutants may pollute drinking water through different ways, thus damaging human health. In his keynote speech "the important role of water purifier in the prevention and control of drinking water pollution related diseases", Bai Xuetao, M.D. of Institute of environment and health related product safety of China Center for Disease Control and prevention, pointed out that the water purifier can be used to remove the pollutants in drinking water in order to cut off the pollution source and ensure the safety and health of drinking water.

Technology development of water purification market accelerates the formation of new pattern

This year, most industries have been affected to varying degrees. The water purification industry has ushered in early reshuffle, accelerating the formation of a new brand pattern. After the outbreak, people's health awareness has been improved, and the demand for water purification products has also risen to a new height.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading of water purification technology and the iteration of products promote the continuous development of water purification industry. Gu Jiuchuan, senior expert in water purification industry and Secretary General of Jiangsu water purification equipment manufacturing industry association, introduced new technologies and new products in water purification industry in recent years. It can be seen that science and technology is people-oriented, making continuous progress and developing in the direction of intelligence, household appliances, environmental protection and energy conservation. Among them, with the rise of whole house water purification, water leakage protection device is particularly important.

With the popularity of campus drinking water and commercial direct drinking water, the matching rate of high-end real estate and fine decoration is steadily rising, and the pipeline direct drinking water industry will enter a stage of rapid development. "Water supply by quality is inevitable", is the inscription of academician Fu Jiamo, founder of the water cup project of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Because, high quality water is the actual demand of people's healthy drinking water. In the past, restricted by economic conditions, the one pipe to the bottom drinking water mode was not scientific enough and wasted resources. Yi xianzao, chairman of Changsha water cup direct drinking water engineering equipment Co., Ltd., believes that pipeline direct drinking water will become the mainstream of high-quality urban water supply. After advanced treatment, ozone and ultraviolet rays are used to sterilize the tap water, and the circulating transportation is carried out. It meets the technical standards and has better economic and social benefits.

(Yi xianzao, founder of Changsha water cup direct drinking water engineering equipment Co., Ltd.)

Release 2020 water purification brand list, create new consumption guide

At the beginning of this year's outbreak of the epidemic, many water purification enterprises played their social responsibility at the first time, ensured the safety of drinking water at the front line, and made great contributions to the fight against the epidemic. At the same time, it also makes people realize the importance of drinking water safety, and also see the responsibility, mission, responsibility and strength of many water purification enterprises.

During the event, China Business Daily published the list of "consumer trust (satisfaction) brands", "top 10 water purification enterprises in China" and "top 10 foreign water purification brands in China" to guide the new consumption guide of water purification. Changsha water cup direct drinking water engineering equipment Co., Ltd.

Brand is the soul of the existence and development of an enterprise, which represents the competitiveness of an enterprise. We believe that the power of brands guides our consumption choices. The theme of this activity is to "create a new consumer guide". I believe that while building a brand, enterprises should also make contributions and influence to the society. This is the social responsibility of brand enterprises.

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