Warmly congratulate the smooth opening of direct drinking water pipeline in Runhe Youyicheng Communi
Date: 2022-11-01 17:19:12

The pipeline direct drinking water in Runhe Youyicheng Community of Changsha City integrates the concept of "community pipeline direct drinking water", and adopts the intelligent water intake method of pipeline direct drinking water to supply water. The project is constructed in two phases, covering 3693 total users. The convenience, safety and good experience of the owners of the project are fully considered in the early site selection (direct drinking water machine room and terminal water intake), design and installation process.

The piped direct drinking water system has reached the "five guarantees": first, the system adopts nanofiltration membrane for deep purification, which removes toxic and harmful pollutants in the water and retains trace elements beneficial to the human body; The second is to improve the taste and add trace elements through taste adjustment; Third, ozone and ultraviolet ray are used to jointly sterilize, and there is no bactericidal by-product; Fourth, 304 food grade stainless steel pipe network is closed and circularly transported, continuously circulates and sterilizes, without secondary pollution; Fifthly, the system is fully automated, with color screen display and remote monitoring. The system has self-cleaning function, and the direct drinking water is getting cleaner and cleaner, so as to ensure sufficient water supply at the drinking point 24 hours a day.

The piped direct drinking water system is designed and constructed in strict accordance with the Technical Specification for Piped Direct Drinking Water System in Buildings and Residential Quarters CJJ/T110-2017, and the water quality meets the Standard for Drinking Water Quality CJ94-2005.



The direct drinking water machine room in the basement of the project is spacious, bright and transparent, which can fully show the water making equipment and technology to users, so that users can really drink safe water. At the same time, the system is equipped with 6 online water quality detection equipment to monitor the water quality use status in real time, so as to truly achieve remote management, real-time monitoring, and timely warning to ensure water quality.

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