Warmly celebrate the smooth opening of direct drinking water pipeline in Dejingyuan Community, Chang
Date: 2022-12-06 17:19:43

Food is the most important thing for people, and water is the first thing to eat. With the continuous development of society, people's living standards have also improved significantly, especially in the aspect of drinking water health.

In July 2022, Baimahu Street, Wuling District, Changde City and China Water · Changsha Water Cup reached a consensus on the construction of pipeline direct drinking water, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the construction of direct drinking water. It is reported that the investment in the first phase of the project is 21 million yuan, which is expected to meet the needs of 45000 people for healthy drinking water. The two sides discussed the construction of the first urban pipeline direct drinking water in Dejingyuan Community. Up to now, the direct drinking water construction in Dejingyuan Community has been successfully connected to the water supply and has entered the operation stage after more than three months of design, construction, installation, commissioning and on-site acceptance (including qualified water quality testing, see the appendix at the end of the document).


Project information introduction

As the first demonstration area of direct drinking water project in Changde City, Dejingyuan Community uses tap water as raw water, adopts the most advanced membrane separation technology, and provides water to 3300 users by integrating the concept of "community direct drinking water through pipeline" and the concept of "on-demand treatment, water supply by quality, high-quality high drinking water, and universal use".

The pipeline direct drinking water of this project (Phase I, Phase II and Phase III) uses China Water Changsha Water Cup YHQ-NF-1000 central water purification equipment, and the pipeline direct drinking water (Phase V and Phase VI) uses China Water Changsha Water Cup YHQ-NF-750 central water purification equipment, which can meet the drinking water demand of the whole community. In the design scheme and installation process, the use convenience and safety of the owners are fully considered to achieve the "five guarantees": first, the system uses nanofiltration membrane for deep purification to remove toxic and harmful pollutants in water and retain trace elements beneficial to human health; The second is to improve the taste and add trace elements through taste adjustment; Third, ozone and ultraviolet ray are used to jointly sterilize, and there is no bactericidal by-product; Fourth, 304 food grade stainless steel pipe network is closed and circularly transmitted, continuously circulating and sterilizing, without secondary pollution. The system has self-cleaning function, and the direct drinking water is getting cleaner and cleaner; Fifthly, the system is fully automated, with color screen display and remote monitoring to ensure that the drinking water point can supply sufficient water 24 hours without interruption.

The piped direct drinking water system is designed and constructed in strict accordance with the Technical Specification for Piped Direct Drinking Water System in Buildings and Residential Quarters CJJ/T110-2017, and the water quality meets the Standard for Drinking Water Quality CJ94-2005.

The basement direct drinking water glass machine room will be built in the project. The machine room is spacious, bright and transparent, which can fully show the water making equipment and technology to users, so that users can really drink safe water. At the same time, the system is equipped with 6 online water quality detection equipment to monitor the water quality use status in real time, so as to truly achieve remote management, real-time monitoring, and timely warning to ensure water quality.


Changsha Water Cup YHQ-SST-01P-T03 IOT intelligent water intake is selected as the water intake machine. The water intake machine body is installed on the front terrace or overhead floor of each building. The upper part of the machine is the operation and display part, which can be connected with the system background. The lower part is the barreled water intake interface. The door is opened by swiping the card. The water intake door is locked at ordinary times to ensure that the water intake is clean and sanitary. The operation process of the water intake machine is simple, and it integrates card swiping and code scanning, which is convenient for owners to use to a great extent.

别墅后排终端机 (4).jpg

Core technology of direct drinking water system

01 Nanofiltration purification

The most advanced membrane separation technology is adopted to effectively remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, residual chlorine, peculiar colors and odors and other harmful substances in water, intercept suspended solids in tap water to improve water quality, and retain trace elements beneficial to human body, so as to reach the standard of direct drinking healthy water fully in line with the national standard "Water Quality Standard for Purified Drinking Water" CJ94-2005.

02 Ozone ultraviolet sterilization

The double sterilization of ozone and ultraviolet ray is adopted, which has strong sterilization ability and no residue of any toxic and harmful substances, and can meet the requirements of people's safety, health and health.

03 - Circulating water

The pipeline direct drinking water equipment adopts high-quality food grade 304 stainless steel pipes to set up an independent circulating pipe network, which will deliver the purified high-quality healthy water to the downstairs of each unit of the community for the owners to drink directly, so as to ensure the safety of the owners' drinking water.

04 Remote monitoring

The equipment selects the online multi parameter monitor for water quality of Changsha Water Cup of China Water Affairs, and uploads the water quality parameters, such as turbidity, pH value, TDS value, dissolved oxygen and temperature, to the cloud platform in real time through DTU wireless transmission technology to achieve remote real-time monitoring.

Since its establishment for 22 years, Changsha Water Cup Company has gradually carried out the coverage of high-quality pipeline direct drinking water in major urban areas of Changsha and surrounding cities. With the enterprise mission of "making everyone drink healthy, hygienic, safe and fresh direct drinking water", it strives to meet the needs of citizens for a better life and contribute to the high-quality development of direct drinking water cause.

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